Sunday, July 5, 2009

Day 2 of LMS - July 2nd

Total spent...31.60.

Don't remind me that we are in a no spend month, and that's a lot of money, especially since it went to fun. I've had plans for awhile to go out with the girls. The restaurant is new to town and only open a month or so, so I really didn't know what to expect from it. All I knew was that it was BYOB, and they served tappas. There was only 5 of us, and even with ordering 3 appetizers, the bill only came to $100. My dinner was only $9, but I felt bad since I did eat some of the brie, so I dropped $16.

Hubby also had a guy's DAY planned. Since his one best friend got married in May and moved to different city and still didn't have a job, and another one of their best friends had off for the day, they drove down to see him. Luckily the other guy paid for the tolls, but hubby is covering the gas, which I don't see as being equal, but whatever. They left around 8:30 in the morning and didn't get home until almost 10 at night! I'm very proud of him for only spending $15.60 all day. :-) He created a sheet where we will be tracking our expenses and seeing how much we have left for the month. I think it's helping him to feel engaged and part of it. Hey, whatever works to get us through this month!

The jury's still out on whether this was a good month to limit our spending. Since it's my birthday month, I have been getting tons of emails and stuff in the mail for discounts or freebies. Unlike how I remember it when I was younger, most require a purchase in order to use it. Like a free ice cream cone with any purchase, or free entree with the purchase of another. If we go out, it'll be half price for us, but we aren't trying to go out this month, so they will probably go to waste. :-(

Starting: $400
Ending: $368.40

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