Tuesday, June 16, 2009

June 15th Spending

Total spent...$28.37 on groceries.

Is it sad that I believe this is the first time that I've gone on our weekly shopping trip without my hubby for the almost two years we've been married? It was also my quickest trip, less than 45 minutes round trip with only 2 checkout lines open. Chicken was on sale, so even though we still have a few pounds in the freezer, I couldn't pass up $1.79/lb! My 'splurge' for the trip was a pineapple! They were on sale for $2.99 for a whole one, and are oh so yummy!

I'm having a spa party tonight, so I had to get a few things for that also. Is it just the time of year, or our age, or maybe just me, but everyone seems to be too busy. Out of like 20 girls I invited I only have 1 definite, and like 3 maybes. Some of them I understand because they have class, or volunteer, and some I've been trying to get together with for like 6 months, and life just seems to get in the way. How long do you go on with your life before you start making a serious effort to catch up with a friend? Is it really a friendship if you can't make time for each other? A friend isn't just there whenever it just happens to be convenient in their schedules, are they? Sorry for the tangent.

Also, since it's summer and everyone seems to be taking a vacation, I came across a great website to search for hotels. You just type in the city you are going to and all the hotels pop up. You can narrow your search by how many stars, or the price, or even search for a certain chain. What makes them really special is that if you blog about them, or friend them on facebook or tweet about them, they will donate money to a charity of your choice! How simple is that to raise money for a cause you stand behind!

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