Friday, June 12, 2009

Decluttering - Day 11

Hubby's first day out of school and he spent it tackling our office. I really wish I had taken pictures of how much stuff was everywhere in there. He ended up with 3 bags of recycling, 2 bags of trash, and 1 clean and tidy office! I took some of the documents to work to shred, that were old bank statements from accounts that had been closed for almost 2 years! He even organized the bookshelf, game shelf, and the drawers in the desk! Talk about productive! I no longer feel stressed walking into of past that room because everything is in it's place, and all the extra papers and such are gone! Yay!


Serendipity said...

I always wondered about getting rid of those extra papers. I might have to buy even a cheap shredder because I'm tired of lugging around papers. Good job on getting rid of that excess clutter!

Rochelle said...

Another teacher husband tackling jobs around the house! Yay!