Friday, May 8, 2009

May 7th Spending

Total spent...$15.63 at Ross.

I have been on the mission to find white shoes for the wedding I'm in, in two weeks for what seems like forever! Apparently it isn't cool to wear white shoes...I checked Payless, Target and Walmart. I'm not looking to spend a fortune, c'mon, they are WHITE! It's not that I didn't like the ones they had, or they had some, just not in my size, no, they didn't have ANY! WTF?!?! So while hubby was picking up his tux for the wedding this weekend, I walked over to Ross. I was dissapointed in there selection, but as I was looking I saw through to the other side, and there in a 6 1/2 I found a super cute white sandal with a low heel! Woohoo! I tried in on, fearful of it being too big, but it has a strap in the back, so if I tighten fully it fits! And, they were only $13! The other $2.50 was spent on a cute headband that I didn't need, but I've wanted one for awhile. Hey, it's better than me spending $16+ on a purse I was eyeing up!!!

We are having a slight break in the weather this morning, and I actually see sun! It's a nice break from the gloomy, rainy weather we've been having. I just hope that it stays for the weekend since we have the wedding tomorrow.

We have yet another super busy weekend ahead, going straight from work to the dress rehearsal then dinner tonight. I may have to go into work tomorrow morning, then we have the wedding. Sunday is church and then up to my grandmother's for Mother's day. Somewhere I need to clean, and finish my lesson for my Bible study.

Hope y'all have an awesome weekend!!!


Brooke said...

you were afraid the 6 1/2 would be too big? don't make me kick you with my size 9s!

Simplelivin' said...

lol. You're probably taller than me too! I'm a shortie :-) I believe that 7-9 or maybe 10's are the norm...anything smaller or larger are hard to find, I see cute shoes in 7's and 8's ALL the time, but there are so few in 6's :-(

Canadian Saver said...

You got those shoes and the purse for a great price!