Tuesday, May 19, 2009

May 18th Spending

Total spent...$0! Yay!!!

Is it just me or do Monday's drag? I don't think Tuesday's are much better, but I guess we'll see...

Hubby stayed at school yesterday since he had to go to a mandatory concert, and doing so gave him more time to work on his room and lessons. I came home and took a brief nap (shhh!) and then straightened up the place for my Bible study. I had Dr. Phil on in the background and was appalled by his one guest. The show was on drunk driving, and this chic had no clue what she was doing! I take that back, she knew what she was doing, she just didn't see anything wrong with it. I am a no tolerance gal, if I don't drink at all if I know I have to drive. Now if it's like a wedding or something I may have a glass of wine or something during cocktail hour, but I'm going to be there for another 3-4 hours. The roads are scary enough without adding alcohol and poor judgement to the mix. I can understand someone making a mistake once, but that's all it takes is one slip up. There is no way that someone should be on the road after 9 DUI's! I'm sorry but their license should be permently suspended, they obviously haven't learned.

Sorry for the little rant. I am heading straight to the gym after work today, and then to a meeting so it's a busy day for me. I also have to get gas, so I'm debating on how to gamble...fill up now in cases price jump again by the weekend, or risk waiting for the weekend and fill up in the town we are traveling to because they typically have cheaper gas.

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