Tuesday, May 12, 2009

May 11th Spending

Total spent...$57.33. We went grocery shopping for the first time this month.

It's $7.33 over what we have budgeted, but since we didn't spend anything last week, it averages out to less than $30/week. I don't have any pictures because hubby was in a rush to put the food away so we could cook the burgers we bought. Chicken was on sale for $1.99/lb, so we stocked up on that, as well as ice cream, because I love my ice cream and if I can get 2 half gallons for $4, I might as well.

Meal Plan:

Monday - Burgers stuffed w/ mushrooms and cheese (bought at the store)
Tuesday - Mini meatloaf (from Biggest Loser) and sweet potatoes
Wednesday - Zucchini Boats
Thursday - leftovers
Friday - Greek pizza

We'll be around all week which is good considering neither of us want to eat out for months now. The past week or so has been like Christmas, and eating junk/out all week long. With tank top season just weeks, maybe days away, so I need to start busting my butt to lose the couple of pounds I've gain.

I paid down another $200 on hubby's school loan. It's now down to $3222!!! Hubby's getting paid at the end of the week, so we'll be able to pay down another $1000. It's so close to being wiped out, and I C-A-N-N-O-T WAIT!!! As long as nothing happens next month at this time hubby will be debt free! Yay!!!


Brooke said...

congrats on the student loan - you're really getting close now!!

Esperanza said...
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Esperanza said...

WOW!! You guys are really hacking away at those student loans :)


Frugal Dreamer said...

So close!! That is awesome. Way to go!!! :)

Simplelivin' said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! :-)