Wednesday, May 6, 2009

April Recap

April was a fair month...nothing to brag about (okay, I guess knocking down debt is), but it wasn't horrible...

April Goals:

1. Incorporate two new green living 'activities' into our life. - PASS! I removed us from mailing list, and I added a plant to our place to help with cleaner air.

2. Earn enough money to cover our trip to Florida. ($500) - PASS! We actually were able to earn a little over $600!

3. Increase our car fund by at least $300. FAIL! Got too caught up in paying down debt...

4. Get together another bag to donate to Goodwill. PASS! I have a few tee's and 3/4 length shirts ready to go.

5. Create a new savings account and set up an automatic withdrawal each week to cover.
PASS! I got a super sweet deal too!

6. Work out 3 days a week. PASS!

7. Read 2 books.
PASS! Pass, Pass! I was able to finish 8 books thanks to work.

On to the budget...

We went over in:
  • Supplies ($9, but we stocked up on about a years worth of tp)
  • Clothes (almost $80 because of hiking boots and Easter outfits, I'm thinking about increasing this category because $20 for 2 people isn't much)
  • Gifts (next month will be over also, thanks to weddings and babies) :-)
We were under in:
  • PECO (Only by $9, thank goodness for warmer weather!)
  • Groceries (Also only by $9)
  • Cell phone ($20 thanks to hubby's adjustment in the plan)
  • Gas ($45)

Debt is down to $10,750 from the $17,000 last month! Over $6k closer to being debt free!!! 8 months left to kick it all to the curb!


Live Simply- Live Well said...

way to go!

Janet said...

Great progress!

Anonymous said...


Megan said...

Good job! By the way, I love all your tickers.

Brooke said...

that is awesome!! :) and i don't think you have to kick yourself too much for being so wrapped up in paying down debt that you didn't save as much.

Simplelivin' said...

Thank you all very much! :-) It's encouraging knowing that y'all are supporting me in this!

Serendipity said...

You guys paid over 6,000 grand in debt in two months???? YOU GUYS ARE AWESOME!