Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Yard Sales Part 1.

As Spring is aggressively approaching (okay, maybe that is wishful thinking), I have had yard sales on my mind. I love sitting down Friday night and making a list of all the ones I want to hit up, and figuring out the best plan of attack (yes, there is a very strategic method to planning a yard sales, and I love getting up early on a Saturday morning to be one of the first one's out. My mom is my favorite yard saler, but alas, we live too far to make it a regular occurrence. I need to find some friends who live close who are into yard sales.

My biggest downfall with yard saling are deals that are too good to pass up. It was easy when I was searching to fill my first apartment in college, in fact I still have the TV stand (now being used as a hutch in the dining room) and a desk, both of which I picked up for $5. The last time I was out I saw this gorgeous bishops bench for only $15! I was in love! But, our little apartment had no room for a big bench, so I had to walk away. Not without trying to convince my mom that she could use it first. :-)

As yard sale season approaches I will be posting more on how to be successful when yard saling. (Is yard saling a real word?)


Brooke said...

i love it too! :) i'm going to have one this spring and my 5 year old niece wants to help :D

RYC: we got married in November

Frugal Dreamer said...

I love hitting up yard sales!! I can't wait to start doing this as well! :)

Dawn said...

Yes, Yard Saling is a valid term - you just used it! (But it is two words. :) ) I love these kinds of sales too. I don't get to them much, but they are a lot of fun when I do.