Monday, March 30, 2009

March 28th and 29th Spending

Saturday was a no spend day thanks to gift certificates. We had an extremely lazy morning around the house, then headed out to the gym around 11. I decided to try some cross training and did a little on the bike, the glider (it's like a cross between the elliptical and stair climber), and the treadmill. I haven't biked in so long and was glad to be done after 15 minutes. I sure broke out a sweat though! I don't know how people do cycling classes, I think I would die!

Got home and grabbed some lunch, and curled up with my library book. I finished the one (yay!) and read some more in Easy Green Living.

Sunday total spent...$ 40.27 on $64.67 worth of groceries!

I was super excited because Strawberries were on sale 2/$4! They hardly ever go that cheap at the store, and it's been soooo long since I've had some we bought two. I really would like to find a nice place around here that does pick your own. I grew up surrounded by Amish farms, so you knew that any food you got from there was organic. If you didn't feel like picking your own, there were road side stands on every road. The organic baby tomatoes were still on sale, so of course I grab another one of those. The last ones were so yummy. I think the best deal of the week was the Quaker snacks. The were on sale 8/$10, and I had a $1 off coupon, so we paid $.25 for the bag of goodness.

I keep a running total at the bottom of shopping list so I will have a general idea what the total will be, which is especially helpful when I have a coupon for x off of a purchase of xx or more. Hubby has learned not to throw (ok sneak) items into the cart, but to tell me the price. Not to brag, but normally I'm within a dollar. So when the cashier told me my total, I knew something was wrong. They had a sale going that if you bought 4 General Mills cereal or bars you would get $4 off. Well I bought 4, and the $4 didn't come off. The cashier was very pleasent and grabbed a manager to do the adjustment. This happened to me once before, but I didn't realize it until we got home. I was planning on going back, but life got in the way and didn't go. I got home and plopped on my computer and what do I see but a post by Fabulously Broke about checking your reciept! How funny.

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