Monday, February 16, 2009

February 15th Spending

Total spent...$50.80 on groceries.

It has been quite awhile since we have come close to our budget in groceries, so I guess going over by $.80 isn't bad. Actually, I was expecting it to be around $47, so I looked over the bill and realized that a $5 automatic savings was not deducted. I'm not sure why, but I'll have to go back to the store with my receipt and have them fix it, which will bring my total to $45! Under budget :-)

We had very chill weekend which is nice and much needed. Life is going to start getting crazy in the next few weeks and months, so I'll enjoy any down time I can get.

I may be creating a new sidebar (I feel like I have too many already, so I might not, just to avoid overload) for a vacation fund. Hubby has some older relatives living in Florida, 2 of which I met before our wedding, but one of who's health prohibited her to travel up here. Well they are having a 60th wedding anniversary party in August. Since they are older hubby's family is making every effort to go. So we're looking at close to $600 for plane tickets for both of us. Hopefully we will be able to stay with family, so we won't have hotel fees to worry about. We just have to figure where we will pull this out of the budget.


Serendipity said...

You can sidebar away if you have to! I love vacations how exciting, what time of year are you hoping to go?

Simplelivin' said...

Yes, vacations are the best! Especially to the beach! It will be the beginning of August, so it will be ridiculously hot, and almost hurricane season.