Wednesday, March 18, 2009

March 17th Spending

Total spent...$23.09 on groceries.

Okay, so I know I was hoping to only spend $15, but I allowed hubby to stock up on cereal which cost us about $5.50 for all 3 boxes. Our store offered triple coupons on coupons up to $.99, so we got the Zone bar for free! We actually should have 'made' $.25 on it, but our store only discounts up to the cost of the item. Oh well, free is still nice :-)
We saved over $15 !

Before we went to the grocery store, we hit up the gym. I lifted, so I didn't have time to do a long run/walk, so I ran 2 miles. It's pathetic for me, but running's running, right? :-)

I am hooked on biggest loser! Maybe because it's a reality show that is for real, and is changing peoples lives for the better, or maybe I'm just a dork and like it, I don't know. Last night they all got to spend a week at home with their families. It was extremely touching because not only are their lives being effected, but also their family members. The one lady was working out with her two daughters, another son was motivated to start losing weight. Their challenge for the week was to run a half marathon! I did that once, it was a trail run, and it definitely kicked my butt! I think it was awesome how they all could do it, AND some of their family and friends join them.

Tonight is LOST!!! They had a break last week, so I'm excited for tonight's episode :-) Despite how this post may sound I really don't watch that much TV! Honestly!

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Brooke said...

i like the show too! :) so i flip between it and idol. plus i don've have the patience to watch the weigh ins that take 45 minutes!