Tuesday, March 3, 2009

February Recap

All in all we came out of February $341 under budget!!! Yay!!! Although I under paid on hubby's loan by $300 because it was in his account, not mine, but even with that we are under budget!

We went over in:
  • Electric ($50)
  • Dinning out ($40)
  • School supplies ($7)
And under in:
  • Gas ($85)
  • Grocery ($50)

So we were only able to knock our down a little over $1,000 in February, bringing us down to $18,711.84. I have horrible patience, and I want to see it all gone, like yesterday! Instead of getting upset with how much we have left, I looked back at some of my original blogs. When I started this blog in October (about 4 months ago) we had almost $25,000 in debt...which means we've paid down over $6,000!!! Looking at that progresses makes me feel a ton better :-)

I'm scared how the next few months will turn out because we have 2 weddings in May, one of which I am the matron of honor, and the other hubby is a groomsman. I already paid for the dress, but hubby has the tux rental and bachelor party. I have 2 showers (1 of which I am planning), 2 bachelorette parties, and we have 2 wedding presents. Ouch.


Serendipity said...

That is really motivating when you see how much debt you guys have paid off in a short time. I would check the blog hostess with the mostess for some neat planning ideas. You can put a cheap spin on most of her planning. :)

Simplelivin' said...

Thank you :-) Do you have a link to her site?

Megan said...

I understand about the wedding expenses issue. I was a matron of honor last year in my best friends wedding and my son was the ring bearer. With the showers, bachelorette party, and actual wedding expenses, it cost us around $1000. That is a huge chunk of change!