Thursday, February 12, 2009

Valentine's 2009

Valentine's day has never been a day that I've been into celebrating. I've never had a bad experience on V-day, I've always spent it with family, friends, an occasional boyfriend, and now my hubby. :-) I just believe that you don't need a day telling you to show the person/people you love, that you love them. With that said, hubby loves Valentine's day. He has something up his sleeve, so I'm just waiting to see what it is.

So here's my question...what's the romantic thing anyone has done for you??

Mine would be back when hubby I first started dating. We lived about 45 minutes apart, he was still in college, playing soccer, and working, and I was juggling 2 jobs along with helping out with some inner city kids, so we only saw each other on weekends. Well one night he had an away game, and called me on his way home. As we were talking, he asked me to check my car to see if he had left something in it, and when I walked out to the parking lot, there was a bag of goodies and a cute card on it! Super sweet! As I was walking back to my apartment he stepped out of the shadows :-) The fact that he took the time to drive up to see me after a long day and a game meant the world to me.

Oh, and the picture is hubby and I up in Maine.

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Serendipity said...

The most romantic thing would be what BF did for me when we first started dating the second time around.We still lived an hour and a half away, and with our busy schedules had barely seen each other for a month. He called me to say I had a package waiting for me and he wanted me to rush home to see if it made it alright. I rushed home and then saw that he was parked in front of my house with flowers. I was smitten, right then and there.