Sunday, February 1, 2009

Purging Day 29, 30, AND 31

Wow, 3 days in one post!

Day 29 I decided to get rid of old bridesmaids dresses. Do any of you hold on to them? I'm not sure why I did, I've gotten rid of my wedding dress already *gasp*, but yet I still have dresses that aren't near as pretty or hold the sentimental value. Should I just drop them off at Goodwill, maybe someone use it as a prom dress, or Halloween costume? I really don't think they would sell online, do you?

Day 30 is a telephone. I haven't had a house phone since my senior year of college! Our one roomie didn't have a cell at the time, and we needed internet, so we went through Verizon (never again, but that's another story). My one best friend gave us this phone since her family was getting rid of it. I guess it has traveled with me 3 places since then, just in case. If/when I get a landline I'll get a "new" one.

And last but not least Day 31! I de-cluttered my stuff left at my parents house! The summer I graduated college and decided that I was going to stay around here, my cousin moved into my room at my parents house. Since I wan't around, my mom packed up most of my stuff and stuck it on the top shelfs of my old closet. Over the 3 years she lived there I went through some of the things, basically if I need something. I got rid of all the clothes I had there (if they had been there the past 4 years of college and I never wore them, why keep them). Well my cousin moved out this summer, and I was still left with a closet full of who-knows-what. I am proud to say that all of my stuff is cleared out! I still have a few boxes with tropheys and my music boxes, and a memory box. Some of stuff brought back great memories, pictures, newspaper clippings. Some of the stuff brought back hurtful memories, like notes from middle school. Yes, I had a whole shoe box filled with old notes going back to middle school!
I think my mom had a harder time with me getting rid of stuff then I did! I guess I've had a lot of practice this month, but she hasn't. I've gotten my packrat tendencies from her and I think half the stuff I tried to throw out she grabbed. It showed me how much I have grown and learned this past month through de-cluttering. It really is a freeing experience.

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