Sunday, February 1, 2009

January 30th and 31st Spending

Total spent on the 30th... $12.95 on eating out.

We hung out with hubby's bro (BIL) and his wife (SIL). We don't see them very often aside from family gatherings, so it was a treat to hang out. We went out to dinner at this cute Chinese restaurant, except I don't eat Chinese, so I had some of their amazing tea! That comes in a box with a diffuser. Very sweet! We then went to see the movie Paul Blart Mall Cop. Hubby is obsessed with Kevin James (he is pretty hilarious), and SIL had free movie tickets, so it was free! The tickets also included 2 small drinks and a small popcorn. Now I haven't been to a theater in probablly close to a year, and can't even think of the last time I bought food/drink at one (yes, I am one of those who stop at the dollar store before and load up my purse). So I'm not sure why they call them smalls, because to me they were large! Hubby and I finished the popcorn, but maybe because I'm not a soda drinker, or maybe because the small wasn't so small I still had more than half my soda left at the end.

So for a night out that should have cost us around $40, I think only spending $13 isn't too bad :-)

Total Spent on the 31st...$3 on a coffee. As I mentioned in the previous post, we went to visit my parents and brother. My other bro come out too and the boys love their coffee, so they had guy time and went out.

I'll be posting my January numbers shortly and see how we did :-)

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