Saturday, February 28, 2009

Frugal February Tip #26

Tip #26 - Get the most out of your cards. I know that some financial experts act like credit cards are the devil, but I don't agree. If you don't know how to use them, and charge items that you don't have the cash for, or have no self control, then maybe they are to you. I have one credit card and I didn't get it until I had a full time job and knew that I was responsible enough. My card is through AAA and I receive 3% back on all of my gas purchases. Typically it's only a dollar, sometimes less, but when gas was over $4/gallon, it was definitely worth it. When I reach 5,000 points (each dollar is worth a point) I get a gift certificate worth $50 to use on anything AAA, from trips to car insurance. I'm not much of a flyer, but for those who are, cards that offer airmiles may be great for you. In fact, my bank offers a rewards program on my debit card too! My everyday purchases bring in points for me to use toward gift cards and other fun items. I'm spending the money anyways, so why not get more bang for my buck?

What do your cards give you?

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