Friday, February 27, 2009

February 26th Spending

Total spent... $0!

Instead of work yesterday we had CPR training. I'm not really sure why, but it was nice to get out of work for the day. I work with a bunch of crazy people, so that definitely kept the day entertaining. I have had CPR every year pretty much since I've been 15, so some of the info was getting old, it's nice to be certified again. I guess I'm a wuss, and not used to sitting in class all day any more, because I was exhausted and skipped out on the gym. I am planning on going tonight...hopefully.

This weekend should be fairly relaxing, the only thing planned is hubby's bro's birthday on Saturday night.
I will hopefully be able to calculate actual numbers this weekend, but it looks like we came in under budget for February!!! Woohoo!!! I would really like to buy some cute Spring clothes in March, and I am in need of a sundress or two, so I will see what I can justify. I have a $10 credit to Gap, so maybe I'll check them out first. Any suggestions on places to find cute dresses?

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