Friday, February 20, 2009

Frugal February Tip #18

Tip #18 - Buy a quality water bottle and use it. They come in plenty of different sizes, so whether you want something small (12 oz) or a huge 40 oz one, you can find it. They also come in pretty coors and designs :-) Be careful when purchasing a bottle and make sure that it doesn't have any BPA, or other potentially harmful chemicals. I used to buy a bottle of water and refill it for weeks until the bottle looked as if it had seen better days, or I'd lose it. Then I had a friend give me a Nalgen bottle for my birthday and it became my new best friend. I bought a second one so when we went hiking I could bring a gallon of water with me. Then I found out about BPA and how bad those bottles are for you. I did some research of my own and decided that stainless steel bottles are the safest bet right now. I got one for Christmas and love it! I want another one, or two.

If your tap water taste fine, or you have well water, then lucky you! If not, you may want to invest in water filter. They aren't expensive, and the amount you will save on buy water is tremendous! The initial cost is only $10-$30 depend on what model you choose. You can buy replace filters for like $7/each. Each filter is equivalant to about 300 bottles of water! If you pay $1/bottle that's $300 compare to $7!

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Just Me said...

oh yeah.. i love new water bottles, i know its totally psychological, but when I get a new one I drink LOADS more water