Wednesday, February 25, 2009

February 24th Spending

Total spent...$0!

Yay! I'm glad this week is off to a good start. And, it's the last week of February. I have banned computer usage at home this week to see how much more I can get done without it, and to prove that I'm not totally addicted to my laptop :-) Because of that, I haven't really looked at our spending plan spreadsheet a.k.a. budget. It also means that all are my post are coming late because I have to do them at work (shhh). It is working though! I went to the gym and then came home and checked a lot off my list. I got all the dishes washed and put away. The kitchen cleans, the bathroom cleaned, a load of laundry done and a previous load folded and put away. And I even had time to watch Biggest Loser with hubby :-) I love that show, and have only seen about 2 this season.

Tonight I'm going to attempt a new chicken dinner, finish cleaning, and watch LOST :-)

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