Friday, December 5, 2008

Wearing Green...well not really

I hate being cold! I think it's my most despised thing ever! Well, maybe not, but it's definitely not on my favorites list. My mom found these things called Cuddle Duds that she raved about. I got a shirt and pants last year and they really do work! They are like fashionable long johns. The pair I have is kinda silky, very thin and keeps me very warm! I can wear them under anything without looking bulky. I decided that I wanted some more since I like to wear them so much. My mom said she'd buy me another pair for Christmas, so when we were out shopping on Black Friday we stopped to pick some up, and we found these! They are made from bamboo! You can't get much greener than wearing bamboo! They are just as warm as the others, and they are softer, and the same price.

I wonder what else they are making with bamboo?

(Sorry the pic is won't let me flip it.)

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