Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Simple Livin' to the Extreme

I don't think I've mentioned this before, but hubby and I have been living without a microwave for about 3 months now! GASP! I know!

Not something we planned out, but our first apartment had a microwave built in, so when we moved into the condo in September we found ourselves without one. Neither of us wanted to spend 100 bucks or so on a new one, and we were enjoying the little bit of extra counter space.

On occasions it would pose a problem, like the first time we went shopping and had to put back the veggie steamers because we couldn't microwave them. Or when we have to heat the whole oven if we want to reheat food. Or learning to melt butter on the stove top. I think the best is when hubby had friends over and the one brought microwavable popcorn!

Well I got a call on Sunday afternoon from one of hubby's friends (who also happened to be around for the popcorn incident) who said he was going to throw out his microwave from college since he moved home, but we could have it if we wanted!

It's a small apartment size one, which is great and even better is the fact that it's free! Patence really does pay off! My parents also said that when they get a new microwave in the next few months that we could have there old one. :-) God's little blessings...which happened to save us $100 or so. And also hopefully cut back on our electric bill.

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