Monday, December 1, 2008

LSM Day 29 and 30- End of NOVEMBER!!

Total Spent day 29... $0! Woohoo!!!

Total Spent Day 30...$0! Well, not exactly, we bought food, but it's for December, and if we had time to shop during the week we would have, so I'm counting it as a December bill!

Limited Spending Month for November is officially over! YAY!!!
We spent a total of $381, only $16 over the $365 we had budgeted to spend. Not too bad for our first try at this whole budget thing. Let's see if we can do better in the month of December!

What we learned:

1. Having a tight budget really makes you think before you buy, which made us buy less, which resulted in less "stuff".

2. We had to create a school category to budget hubby's spending for his class. This will also help with our taxes since most of it can be written off.

3. Watching every dollar is extremely hard. I learned that hubby doesn't like how I critique every little thing that he spends, so we are setting up a fun fund in our budget. That way each of us have $20 or so to spend however we like. Or save it all up and buy something big.

4. It's amazing how much coupons can help save!!!

5. A budget isn't set in stone, and it's easy to spend more in one category than planned. But, it's just as easy to cut back somewhere else. We spent almost $40 more on food than we had planned, but we spent $40 less on gas than planned thanks to the falling prices and holiday :-)

I'm excited to tackle a new month!

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