Sunday, December 7, 2008

December 6th Spending

Total Spent... $21.85 at Walgreens. Which resulted in a $5 Register Reward!

We had a few HBA's that we had to pick up and some random items since they had coupons in the flyer last week. We bought 2 Campbell's soup cups since they were on sale 4/$5, which made them $2.50 and I had 2 $1/1 so they only cost $.50! I also planned on picking up the scotch tape that was on sale 2/$1 since Christmas is right around the corner and we'll need to wrap some presents. Well, they were out of the ones on sale (1/2in, 450in long), but a manger had asked if I needed help, so he was looking for me and couldn't find them, so he gave me 2 that were both 1300in long for the same price! We don't use much tape, so that will last us a lifetime! With all the coupons and sales we save $9.88 + $5 coupon! Not too bad.

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snowybrook said...

Walgreens has real good coupons and they pay off when the product is there you shop. I had that issue lately. No frosted flakes for my son. (I know really like buying that ceral, but once in awhile with the usual cherrios. 2 for 11 on sale 7 and I had a manuf coupon a as well. But at atlas, they were out of that one on Monday!