Thursday, December 4, 2008

December 3rd Spending

Total Spent... $0!!! Yay!

So I thought I was being good and posting my meal plan for the week. Thought it would help hold me accountable. Boy was I wrong. I don't think I've followed anything this week except for the soup I made on Monday...and I had prepped that on Sunday, so if I didn't make it, it would have been a waste! Maybe I should stick to our laid back lifestyle and just loosely plan out our meals. We didn't have pasta last night like planned...actually I don't even know what, if anything, hubby ate. I got stuck at work late again, and then went to the gym (YAY!) so I didn't get home till after 6:30, and his boys were over, so I wasn't about to try and prepare a dinner.
Oh well.

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