Monday, December 22, 2008

December 20th Spending

Total spent...too much to count!

We did our Christmas shopping and except for a few small items are finished! Yay!!! We probably spent around $250...which I don't think is too bad for both our families.

We also spent $53.76 at Old Navy on ourselves, and when I say ourselves I mean I spent $3 and hubby spent $50 :-) I have a Gap card and received a $10 off coupon and my sweater was 60% off, so it only cost me $3. Hubby bought jeans and a new sweater, but apparently guys don't have near the sales that girls do. He needed a new pair though because he's now down to a size 36!!! He's lost about 40 lbs since we've been married...I'm so proud of him :-)

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