Thursday, December 11, 2008

December 10th Spending

Total Spent...$17.15.

So I had to go out to the mall for yet another eye appointment after work. Luckily that didn't cost anything, just re-evaluating my eyes for new contacts so I can actually see.

I had a plan in mind, I was only going to stop at one store...Bath and Body Works. I had coupons and wanted to see what I could get.
I got:
3-8oz lotions
3-10oz body washes
1-2oz lotion

It should have cost me around $66 dollars. I paid $16.56!

So I got gifts for the 3 girls on hubby's side and a stocking stuffer for him. He's always stealing my little lotions, so he's getting the 2 oz.
I had a coupon from Black Friday shopping for $10 off $30, which is 3 bottles. Then they have their sale on still that if you buy 3, you get 2 free! I also had 2 coupons that I printed online, one for a free gift with a $10 purchase, and the other for a free 2oz lotion with any purchase.

I'm going to make a spa gift basket for them, so the lotions and wash are a start.

Any suggestions on other items to include? I was thinking nail polish, file, orange stick etc. Any at home recipes that I could put in a jar for them to mix up themselves?

Oh, the other $0.59 was M&M's hubby bought, it was B1G1, and he put them in the cookies he made me :-)

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Serendipity said...

What about a nice candle???