Tuesday, November 18, 2008

LSM Day 17

Total spent...$22.04.

Now it wasn't necessary, but picked up a few things from Giant. There were two items that we didn't get at Wegman's on Saturday that I need to get for our one meal this week, plus Giant had their double dollar coupons, and why pass up free money? So I made my list from sale items and coupon items and got $40 worth of groceries for only $22! Almost cut in half! My favorite buy is the Chex cereal. When we go to parties and such I always bring chex mix, so the fact that they had the cereal on sale for 4/$6 really excited me. On top of that I had two coupons for $1/2...which would have brought it down to 4/$4...but then when they were doubled I only paid $2 for 4 boxes!!! Pretty sweet I know :-)

We are now stocked up and don't plan on running to the store at all next week, which would bring our average spent for the 2 weeks to under $40/week. Yay!

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