Saturday, November 15, 2008

Day of Thanks 13

13. I am thankful that I survived middle school. It's a random one, I know, considering it was half my lifetime ago, but I am definiately thankful I made it through and moved on from it.

Last night hubby's school had a game night and as a 7th grade teacher he had to be there, so me being the good wifey that I am went along. It's really sad to see how the kids treat each other and how crude they can be...and they aren't even teenagers yet! I know it's a hard time in their lives, I remember my middle school days as much as I'd like to forget. I can empathize with the dorky-er kids because that was me to a T. I had glasses, I was short, my family didn't have a lot of money so I wore clothes from Kmart, and I just felt awkward about myself (I was a late bloomer) oh yeah and did I mention that two of my best friends moved away and I had a huge fight with another one? Yeah, I definitely would never want to go back those days. Which is why I am so grateful that God pulled me through. That experience made me so much stronger, and it really helped me to be able to seek out kids on the outside of groups and include them rather than exclude them.

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