Monday, March 22, 2010

I'm Feeling Hot, Hot, Hot!

In more ways than one!

First of all, it has been absolutely gorgeous here this past week. The rain moved out on Monday, and we've had nothing but sun and 60's and 70's, until today when the rain came back. I even got a start on my tan, woohoo!!!

Another thing which is hot is the housing market. We were going to see a place for a second time, but couldn't because it went under contract. On Saturday we went to see a few places, and at one of them the key was missing. So we could only look in the windows and around the yard and neighborhood. We loved it and really wanted to see it, but in the process of tracking down the key found out that there are already 3 offers being submitted. Boo. Everything is flying off as soon as it come on the market. Oh well.

Let's see...Wednesday night we were out and I really wanted a shamrock shake for St. Patty's day, but we ended up stopping at the store and buying mint ice cream and more milk and making our own instead. Definitely worth saving the few extra bucks because now I have ice cream in my freezer all week. :-) Thursday I met up with a couple friends to catch up, and we ended up walking around the shopping center and were able to take care of all our errands, mine being a shower present for this upcoming Saturday.

And this past Saturday was the first day of Spring, which meant free water ice!!! I feel extremely bad for those of you who don't have a Rita's. They are amazing!!! I stood in line twice (once with friends, and once with hubby) for some.

So that's what I've been up to this past week. This upcoming week looks like another busy one too. Yay.


me in millions said...

Love Rita's with my whole heart! I'm so glad that they've recently moved down to DC. Water Ice makes the summer here so much better!

Brooke said...

never heard of water ice. sounds interesting though.

it was so warm our house got up to 70 degrees on its own! (the heat was set on 60). but it's cool back off now.

雞排 said...