Sunday, February 14, 2010


Alright, so we got slammed by two huge snow storms in under a week. Yup, I'm talking about 4 FEET of snow in 5 days! Craziness I know. I'm sure any Canadian or northern bloggers are laughing at me, but we don't get snow like that around here. In fact, we got more snow in the first storm than we did in the past 4 years combined!!! And thanks to watching so much news coverage on it I know so many little facts like that...include we've broken the record snowfall EVER in a winter by 10 inches or something crazy like that. And that doesn't include the snow they are calling for tomorrow night, or the following weekend, or for the rest of February and March. Have I mentioned how much I love El Nino?

Here are a few pics from our snow days. I didn't have many to pick from that didn't show people or our location.

Since you can't see hubby's face, just to get an idea how deep it is, he's 6'3"
My car...I thought this was bad...Wednesday morning, storm numero dos.

My car's in there? Seriously? We got another 2+ inches after this shot.
A nice, wet, heavy snow = 2 hours of shoveling to find my car. :-( Good exercise and neighbor bonding though.

I don't have any "after" pictures loaded onto my computer yet, but I'll put some up as soon as I do. I know they did their best to clear the roads, but some of them are still pretty crappy. Including lanes that just vanish into snow piles, especially turning lanes. It's so weird to be driving down the road with walls of snow on either side.

Have you been getting any of these storms? Snow or just rain?


snowybrook said...

That's a lot of snow and I'm in Minnesota, we don't even get that much.

Brooke said...

we've just been getting rain, or snow that won't stick. i'm totally jealous!!

Live Simply- Live Well said...

that is a ton of snow. how are yall holding up now?