Monday, November 9, 2009

Weekend Spending: Nov. 6-8th

Friday night we decided to have a date night and eat out since we haven't in a long time. That and since we really didn't go grocery shopping that week we didn't have much food left. After debating back and forth we agreed on Qdoba. High class, I know. :-) Although, I have to admit that it was nice going out and only spending $13.xx, we would have spent twice that if we went to Applebee's.

Saturday was a nice spending day. We went out shopping with hopes of getting idea's for Christmas, which we did, but we also bought some stuff for ourselves. As you know, I've been looking for jeans for awhile and finally found a pair at Plato Closet's. It's actually the exact same make of my American Eagle jeans, so when I saw them I knew they'd be perfect! Hubby also bought a pair of AE jeans, so we spent $30 on jeans for both of us. Then we headed to Old Navy because I had coupon of 30% off. We ended up with a new peacoat for me, a fleece for hubby and 4 scarves for presents for a total of $34.xx!!! Not too bad for all that we got! I've wanted a cream colored peacoat for awhile, but it scares me that it's going to get dirty. They typically are super expensive and I couldn't shell out the money for something that might get ruined after one season of wear. For $21 I could justify buying it! Yay!

Sunday we dropped $56 on groceries. Something wrag up wrong, so I have to go back and get the price adjusted and we stocked up on a few things. Plus, we didn't really do shopping last week, so I'm not worried with going over by a few bucks.

The meal plan for this week revolves around soup. We're making taco soup tonight, and potato soup on Thursday! Yum!


Serendipity said...

21 for a coat? LUCKY!!!!

me in millions said...

LOVE Plato's Closet. Don't love Qdoba though. I'd take Chipotle or Baja Fresh over Qdoba any day of the week!