Thursday, November 19, 2009

Thankfulness Day 8 and Nov. 18th Spending

Total spent..$0!

Today I am thankful for a few nice people on the road. It seems to me that more and more people are becoming selfish drivers, only caring about themselves and that they get to their destination as quickly as possible, no matter what. I cross many of their paths everyday it seems. Today I was blessed to experience a kind-hearted driver. As I stop at a 2-way intersection. I see a bus coming from my right. Of course it is followed by and extremely long line of cars. As it's turning a car on my left is making a left hand turn so as it waits for the long line to drive pass it's creating it's own backup of cars. As I'm sitting there wonder if I will ever be able to cross the driver turning left waves me on in front of him! How sweet! He was the one sitting in the road, he had the rightaway, but he knew how long I had been/will be sitting there and allowed me to go ahead of him. Not too many people do that any more! Thanks guy in the white Honda!

Work is starting to get busy again, just trying to get everything caught up and organized before we hit our super busy/crazy time. My personal life is even getting busy too. I feel like I go through spurts. Everyone whats to hang out, or there's stuff going on all on the same day or so, and then there are other times where it's super quiet and nothings going on. This is one of those busy times. It's good though, because we have been craving our own home to go all HGTV on, but we have a few friends who are moving/ just moved and need help. Tonight and this weekend is devoted to them. We get the joy of hanging out with friends, helping them, doing renovations, and not having to pay a dime for it! Schweet!

I can't believe Thanksgiving is a week away and Christmas is in 36 days!!!


me in millions said...

I like your thankful for thought of the day. That is a very nice thing for sure.

Live Simply- Live Well said...

p and i want to buy a home too! but we dont know how much longer we will be in this area so it is kind of pointless to buy right now. just keep saving i hvae to remind myself.

Brooke said...

have you started your christmas shopping yet?

i've gotten a few things out of the way. deciding how much to spend is the hard part for me.