Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Nov. 3rd Spending

Ok, time to get back on track and daily post.

Total spent...$34 on gas. Does that count since I will be getting reimbursed about $45 for driving to the seminar? I guess it will just become a wash.

It was nice being out of the office yesterday because now it feels like Monday, but it's really Wednesday! I definitely learned more about Human Resources, got to see my family and oh yeah, ran into my ex. It's weird, it's been 6 years since we broke up/saw each other. I knew that he used to work at the hotel where my seminar was, and I guess he now is some sort of manager there. Well, after lunch with my brother, he texted my ex to tell him that I was there and when I got back to the room we were meeting in he was waiting there. I was the one who totally ended everything and never looked back, but now after a few minutes of chatting I want to catch up. Is that weird? We were together for 3 years, the last years of my childhood, so it's like running into an old friend and bringing back all the memories of that time.

I need to go back and look at my October goals, but I'm scared because I know I failed most of them. Can I blame it on being sick? Maybe?

I'm feeling much better today. I have the most energy I've had in over a week and just feel more like myself. Maybe it's because I feel asleep on the couch during Biggest Loser at 8:30 and aside from getting up to drag my butt to bed slept until 7 this morning. Thank you all for your well wishes. :-)


Live Simply- Live Well said...

its always weird running into exboyfriends from childhood. hope that it was great to catch up though.

The Lost Goat said...

Give yourself some slack for being sick. After all, you're ahead just for having goals set in the first place!

Brooke said...

i'm not big on keeping in contact (or even catching up) with exes, then again i never dated anyone for years (besides the hubs)