Thursday, October 1, 2009

Sept. 30th Spending

Total spent...$0!!! Yay! At least we ending the month without spending. :-)

We also reached our goal of 100 NSD for the year!!! I think I'm going to bump it up to 125. That will be a stretch with the holidays approaching fast, but hey, why not push ourselves?

I also received one of the checks in the mail from surveys for $10. So far I've received $29 and I have a $50 one on the way! Surveys definitely aren't a good income, but hey, that's like $80 that I wouldn't have otherwise!

I have a big business schmooze fest this evening with all the top growing businesses in our area. Free food and drinks are nice, but I'm not one to talk it up. At least I get to leave work early to get primped. :-)

16/18 NSD

$0/$69.38 EM


Brooke said...

100 no spend days is incredible!! :) i'm sure you'll be able to push yourself for those last 25. :)

Frugalchick said...

That's definitely the way I view my survey payments--they're definitely not a lot of money overall, but they're something I wouldn't have had before!

Lindsey said...

Hi, what survey sites do you use? Thanks!