Monday, October 26, 2009

Oct. 22nd-25th Spending

Sorry I've been MIA, I had a wedding on Friday and have been working all weekend.

Thursday 10/22 I spent $49.xx on a new dress and cardigan for the wedding as well as a new sweater just for fun. This isn't the exact dress, mine doesn't have the pleats below the belt, but it's similar.

Friday 10/23 hubby decided that he needed a new dress shirt and tie and stuff and dropped $30. He also started to come down with the flu so he bought meds later in the day, but I'm not sure how much he spent.

Saturday 10/24 I worked all day and hubby was home sick all day.

Sunday 10/25 I worked all day again, and spent $5.30 on lunch at Subway (which also happens to be serving as my lunch today too.) We didn't have time to do our grocery shopping since I was working and hubby was sick, so since he was craving a hamburger we spent $5.24 at Wendy's for dinner. Two meals out in one day...ouch!

Since it was a crazy busy weekend I was only able to get day 4 of The Shred in on Friday morning. I'm hoping to do it the evening when I get home, before I have to run out for a meeting all night.

All my girls are now married!!! I just wish this picture had come out a little more clear. Oh well.

12/15 NSD

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Brooke said...

now that's some bling!! :)