Monday, October 5, 2009

Oct. 2-4th Spending

Whew! I'm exhausted after a fun-packed, lack-of-sleep weekend. Our budget felt it a little, but not as bad as I thought.

Friday was a no spend day! Woohoo!

Saturday was spent down at the shore for a total of $43!
  • $8 on travel
  • $25 on lodging
  • $10 on food
I was strong and resisted the urge to purchased super discounted 'stuff' from the boardwalk stands and stores. :-)

Sunday I wasn't quite as strong...Hubby had been amazing and did our grocery shopping on Saturday and spent $43.11, so I was hoping for a NSD, but that didn't happen. Hubby got bitten by the shopping bug and since I really need a new pair (or 2) of jeans, I tagged along. Sadly, my mission was a total bust, but I did find a cute tee at Aero and hubby bought a messenger bag for a total of $21.

Side rant: Where can I find a pair of real jeans!?!? I tried on a few pairs that I really liked, but they were stretch. The minute I bent over, or tried to sit half my butt was hanging out. I'm sorry, but at 26 I am so past that. (Does that make me old?) Aero, Old Navy, and American Eagle are my fave for jeans, and none, NONE of them had just straight up denim! I still need to check Marshal's and TJMaxx, but do you have any suggestions of other stores to check?

Since it was getting late in the afternoon we grabbed a bite to eat at Cosi's (love that place!) and hit up a few more stores. Our only other purchase was from Michael's for materials for a Christmas present I'm working on and 2 tee's for hubby for $13.

How was your weekend?


Brooke said...

dkny jeans are my favorite - so i try to either get them on sale at macy's (when i'm in ohio) or at tj maxx.

me in millions said...

Love Cosi as well! If you get the Cosi card you get a free salad or sandwich for every 10 you buy. I'm almost at my free one!

I love Plato's Closet for jeans. It's used clothes so they have all sorts of brands and you can often score designer jeans for really cheap