Friday, September 11, 2009

We Remember...9/11

It's hard to believe that 8 years ago I was sitting in my only Tuesday/Thursday class, upset that it was at 8 freaking am. I wondered back to my dorm at 9:15, and it was a buzz! The fact that there was life in a dorm before 10 am had to mean something big!

My roomie was just getting back from her class and we turned on the TV to watch for ourselves. I remember sitting there in awe, everyone yelling up and down the hall, making sure they didn't miss a thing. I remember watching as the second plane hit the other tower, I remember them talking about how unstable the first tower was, and then only moments later watching it collapse.

I remember calling my family for hours because the lines were so jammed nothing was going through. I was a freshman, had never been away from my family before, and now I couldn't get a hold of them and was only surround by a bunch of strangers I had only known for 3 weeks! I think our floor was closer than any other floor ever was in college because of what we went through together.

I remember being absolutely terrified because we lived on the top of a tall building just outside a major city. A city that was in the middle of it all. Just south of NYC, north of Washington DC, and East of the plane that crashed in Western, PA. Actually it crashed in a town of one of my friends!

I remember for days and days afterwords seeing the hazy sky and not being able to see the sun because of all the smoke.

I drove past ground zero a few months ago and it's just a giant hole with cranes and heavy machinery, but it was still able to stir up emotions in me that I thought I had long forgotten. I don't think I will ever be able to forget.

Where were you when it happened?


Brooke said...

we visited ground zero last year while we were in nyc. i'll be glad when they start work on the memorial

Live Simply- Live Well said...

I also remember where I was when the towers were hit. I was in my room getting ready for class. My friend came over to pick me up and drive me to class and we just sat and watched the t.v., and I kept saying, we are going to go to war, we are going to go to war.
I feel like this is our generations pearl harbor.

FB @ said...

It was too surreal for me at the time, sitting in class to really comprehend what had happened.

We were all shell shocked.