Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Sept. 8th Spending

Total spent...$0!!! Yay!!!

I am still working long hours, and hubby is staying late at school coaching soccer, so there isn't much time for anything else. We decided last night though that we are going to try and go the whole week without shopping and just use up what we have around the house. We are already halfway through the week, and since hubby has back-t0-school night tomorrow night, he won't be around, and I am going away for the weekend, so I won't be around Friday, Saturday, or most of Sunday. I definitely think it's doable.

Oh, and I found another penny! I really need to work on finding quarters or something with a bit more value!

4/18 NSD
$0.01/$9.03 EM


Brooke said...

hey the busier you are working the less you'll be spending :P unless of course you're too busy to make dinner and grab something on the way home.

Serendipity said...

The kids at my work lauh at me when I pick up spare change on the floor. If they only knew. Good job on your no=spend days!

Money Funk said...

Oh, I hope you have a wonderful weekend! I think that is great what you and hubby are doing this week. You'd be surprised how many meals you can make from food already in the panty. You just have to be creative!

Frugalchick said...

Lol, I am cracking up at all your penny-finding.

Have fun on your weekend trip!