Friday, September 4, 2009

Sept. 3rd Spending

Total spent...$0! And we've got another one!

So we didn't spend any money yesterday, but we also didn't earn any.
It was a pretty lazy day, spent cleaning up the apartment a bit, oh, and I took pictures of my tomato plants, the bag I made, and the almost free jewelry I got to show, and I never uploaded them. :-( Sorry.

I came home from work yesterday to find a big box in front of our door. Remember the jewelry party I had a few weeks ago? I received just over $300 in free jewelry! How awesome is that? All I had to pay was $22 for tax and shipping.

Hubby and I made stuffed peppers for dinner and then settled in to watch Dodgeball. Such a funny movie!

2/18 no spend days
$0/$0.01 earned


Brooke said...

very cool getting all that jewelry - especially on a no spend day! :)

Dawn said...

I love the $.01 earned - every bit counts!

Money Funk said...

Sweet score on the jewelry. Make sure you upload the pics. I want to see the bag you made. :)

And stuff peppers... mmmm... have a great weekend!