Friday, September 18, 2009

Sept. 17th Spending

Total spent...$0!!! Yay! Halfway to the monthly goal!!!

Money Earned...$60 in survey's. Brooke told me that if it's on the way I should count it, so I am. :-)
Finally I feel like I am doing something!

I my sorry, lazy, butt to the gym last night! I didn't do much, but I got about 45 minutes of cardio, which is a good start. I was suppose to go walking with a friend tonight, but plans got changed, so I'm going to try and fit in a quick session at the gym before I meet up with her. And, hubby wants to workout tomorrow morning, so I might get in 3 times at the gym this week! The more I go, the less bad I feel dropping $20/month on it.

I have been feeling super unmotivated with finances lately. We still have a few months until my loan is totally gone, and it just seems like it's been dragging. Although, I'm thinking once it's paid off, we will focus on saving for a house and car, and since they are both large amounts, it's going to take awhile to feel the progress. It will be nice to see our savings growing again though! I was looking at last night, and realized that we started out the year, slightly in the negative, and now we are in the 5 digits!!! That is super exciting to see how much it has increased in the past 9 months.

Have a great weekend!!!

9/18 NSD

$60/$69.28 EM


Brooke said...

its hard when progress gets stagnant (or however you spell it :P) but i bet once you get your loan paid off you'll have the energy to help really go after your savings.

Serendipity said...

Thats wonderful news! Youve done alot in the past year and you need to realize that. *gives a frugal high five!