Monday, August 24, 2009

Weekend Spending: Aug. 21-23rd

Friday was a no spend day! Woohoo!!! We needed one of them, it's definitely been awhile. We had a low key night at home and watched The Changeling. Good movie.

Saturday we hit up a few yard sales in the neighborhood, but nothing really screamed our names, so we went home empty handed. We ran some errands, many for lasts minute school items, spending about $30 at Walmart. Hubby's been looking for some posters and things to hang up on his wall, so we went over to the mall to see if any of the movie stores had any posters they were through with. Jackpot! They had a been of graphic shirt prints that had just arrived, but the store doesn't sell them, so they were just going to send them to the trash! They are the perfect size to fit in the glass windows of hubby's cabinets. He also got a couple of posters they were through with. All for a nice total of FREE! So for all you teachers, or any one who wants a poster, check your local movie and book stores. It can't hurt to ask!
While hub's was doing that I swung by Macy's to pick up a gift for a bridal shower. Lucky for me they were having a one-day sale and all of it was 30% off! Schweet! I spend $57, but I'm splitting it with someone else. Oh yeah, and hubby got gas at the tune of $42.

Sunday was lazy day and we lounged by the pool for most of the afternoon before we had to buy groceries. We brought a few snack items that we didn't NEED, but they were on sale and I had coupons. Plus, we are going away this weekend, and snacks are always nice to have. Total spent...$40.24.

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