Monday, August 31, 2009

Aug. 28-30th Spending

Total spent this weekend = way, way, way too much!

It should have been a relative cheap weekend at the beach, staying at a friends place, so no lodging cost, and splitting dinner 6 ways. Not quite the case.

Since hubby and I were the first ones down there on Friday night we picked up $24 worth of food at the store for dinner and munching. We also dropped $14 on adult beverages for the weekend. Thinking that it was going to be split 6 ways, we figured that $6 a person wasn't a bad deal. Well then, 3 other friends ended up coming by, which luckily we had more than enough food for them, and I was thinking that it would make it that much more cheaper. Nope. Not a single person paid us. No one. Not even to buy us a drink when we went out. But that's not all.

The 6 of us went out to dinner Saturday before we met up with the other 3 at the club. With tax and tip included hubby and my part of the bill came out to $20. Naively, I thought that it would be great if they all pitched in even a little extra for us since we paid for everyone last night. Again, I was proven wrong. Not only did they not put extra, but they put in LESS. Hubby was paying for it on his card and they shorted us by close to $20. After some arguing over it, a few extra buck were tossed in, but still not enough to cover the shortage. This is right after someone had the audacity to say that they didn't think they charged us for the drinks. Um, hello! Why do you think we don't have enough to pay the bill? Grr.

It just ended up being a very frustrating time and cost us a lot more than we were planning on spending. Overall we spent about $100, not including the $40 in gas.

Live and learn, right? Hope y'all had a better weekend than we did!


Moving on up! said...

Bummer. I hate it when friends don't chip in!

Esperanza-To Infinity and Beyond said...

A few weeks ago me and a group of friends went to a minor league baseball game and to get our tickets next to each other we had to purchase together...Needless to say I ended up charging my card a little over 100$ and only 2 of the people paid me back after asking several times for people to pay me they all fell back on they only had credit/debit and they would pay me later....its been 3 weeks and nothing!

Brooke said...

that stinks. i can't believe you called them on it and they still didn't make good.

Frugalchick said...

And that's why I don't care how politically incorrect it is--I always make sure I have my own tab. It stinks that even good friends will short you money like that. :(

negative_net_worth said...

That's so crummy - I had to stop dining out with friends like that!