Thursday, August 27, 2009

Aug. 26th Spending

Total spent...$7 on golf.

The guys at hubby's school are having a challenge for the year. Each month the middle school male teachers team up against the high school male teachers and see which one prevail in a given sport. Sounds like fun to me! Six of them played the front nine hole yesterday. Sadly, the high school won. Hubby's fairly new to the game, so he was still happy with how he did, and said he even learn some!

I have a question, not sure how much y'all know about insurance, but my companies plan is up at the end of the month. Yes, they waited until the absolute last possible minute to let us know our options. Since we are such a small company we have two options. One is a PPO, very similar to our current plan, and will only cost a few dollars more each month. The second play is an HSA. The yearly savings in premium is about $700, but any medical cost I'd have to pay in full out of my pocket up until $2,500. I don't visit the doctors very often and am not on any meds, so as long as no unforensee big expenses (ahem, pregnacy?) happen I'm thinking it may be my best option. But just because I'm not planning on any huge expenses doesn't mean something won't happen.

What do y'all know about HSA? What are your thoughts on them? Do you know of any good websites that lay out all the cost? What do you think I should choose?


Dawn said...

HSAs aren't bad, if you have the money set aside in an emergency account. You don't want an unexpected emergency room visit to derail your savings plans. Even though you don't get sick often, anyone can have an accident or unexpected emergency. You don't need to have the $2500 in a separate account, but just know that you have it at the ready should you need it.

Brooke said...

hsa's are the way to go if you're a generally healthy person. One of those "in case of emergency" options. but like dawn said, you don't want to go with this option if you don't have the $2500 for emergencies.