Monday, July 20, 2009

Weekend Spending: July 17th-19th

Friday and Saturday were both no spend days! Yay!!!

Sunday's spending was a little steep...$79.47.

Groceries set us back $40.47, which should have been closer to $38.50, but the hummus didn't ring up the sale price. We're normally pretty good at estimating the cost of our bill before hand, and since we are using cash this month I had $40 out and ready to pay. So then I had to pull out my wallet and dig around for the change. Not as embarrassing as not having enough money, but still enough since I was that person holding up the line. I was trying to think if hubby threw something in the cart that I didn't add in, or what happened, and it didn't take much time to skim the receipt and find that the hummus was the culprit. I'm sending hubby back today (hopefully he remembers) to get it adjusted. Gas took up another 37 smack-a-roos!

Saturday was a fun and busy day. We spent the night at my in-laws since we were having a yard sale bright and early. We advertised that it would start at 8. Now while I've never had one of my own, I know how they work, and that there are always people showing up early to them. What I didn't expect was for people to be camped outside at 6:30!!! An hour and a half early! Apparently fishing gear is in high demand and there's about 4 or 5 guys that try to get their paws on it first. Crazy. We had quite a few sales before the clock even hit 8! Hubby got into the swing of things rather quickly when he walked out with one of his old electric guitars. Fishing guy one said that he always want to play and asked how much. Hubby being new to the whole thing said "like $10-$15" lol. Of course the guy walked away with it for $10. I soon found out that it must run in the family when his dad brought over a TV from a neighbor who wanted to get rid of it. Hubby told his dad to go for $25, so he dad told the lady in the $20 range. She walked away with it for only $15 since that was all she had on her. Hubby had a blast and can't wait to hold another one. I think he would have tried to sell everything in his parents house if he could! My MIL told us that we must be good luck because she made the most she ever had. Overall the fam made like $150! Not to shabby.

Our yard sale fun was followed up by a super awesome wedding of good friends! I love weddings and just how happy and joyful everyone is. :-)

Sunday was a huge music fest, and tons of fun! I don't have my camera cord, so I can't upload the pics, but it was a total hippy fest. I never would have expected anything like that in my town, but there were tons of stands with tiedye and flowy clothes, hemp jewelry, and hookas. We spent $2 on funnel cake, split with hubby's sister because it's been way to long since any of us have had that yummy fried food.

Starting: $207.03
Ending: $127.56


Brooke said...

congrats on the successful sale!! :)

Serendipity said...

Good job on the yard sale! And glad you had fun at the music fest. :)