Tuesday, June 9, 2009

June 8th Spending

Total spent...$50 ish for hubby's car. I actually don't know how much he spent because it hasn't shown up on the account yet, but he changed his oil and air filter and something for his headlight.

So I really thought I was going to die on my way into work this morning! It started storming here around 6 am, and is just letting up now. When I made a mad dash to my car it had already been storming for an hour and a half with no signs of letting up. Of course, stupid me decided to take the back roads in like I always do. Not a smart idea when you can be driving 15 MPH with the wipers on high and still not see the road. Then again, there really wasn't a road to be seen, it was more like a newly placed river. I had to serve tree branches, trash cans even some power lines all while getting pounded with hail and a torrential downpour. But I made it, safe and sound, and am just sitting at my desk staring outside waiting for the next batch of storms to come through. Fun.

Supposedly hubby and I are going to the gym after work today, and since we definitely have to go to the library to drop off a book that's due, I'm sure we will make it. I feel like I have been a huge sack of lazy bones lately and really need to get back into lifting and running. It could be good also to take my mind off my pain in my mouth. My wisdom teeth have slowly been coming in the past 5 years or so, and the one just started to break through the gum yesterday. All I can say is that I understand why kids cry and are fussy when they teeth! If anyone has any secret tips that helps their kids, let me know!


Rochelle said...

We just missed getting the storms last night and this morning. The morning news said we are to get t-storms this afternoon. I am a chicken when it comes to storms. Glad you made it to work safely.

Anonymous said...

I was stuck in a hail storm last year when there was a tornado close by. I was so scared. Glad you made it safely. It's hard to drive in that crazy weather!

Simplelivin' said...

@ Rochelle - I'm a total chicken too! You're lucky they missed you...I haven't seen anything that bad in a long time!

@Moving - Tornadoes are super scary! Luckily we don't really get them around here.