Tuesday, June 30, 2009

June 29th Spending and a Challenge!

Total spent...$1.71 on pictures.

We got a bunch of great shots of my bro skim boarding and would love to put together a collage poster for him for his birthday in August. The lighting was a little bit off in some of the shots, so hubby used a little bit of photoshop magic to help fix it. Before dropping like $20 on the poster we wanted to see them printed and make sure that they still looked natural and not photo shopped. All but one looks fantastic! Again, I wish I could share them with you, but I don't know how my bro would feel about me posting pics of him.

I have been following a blog, actually one of the blogs that helped to push me to create my own, since fall last year. Every July Rachel at Small Notebook and her family participate in a No Spend Month! This year hubby and I will be joining in the fun! They allot $250 for their family of 3 (almost 4), we haven't decided on an amount yet, but it will probably be between $350-$400, and...we will be using CASH! I am obsessed with my debit card and rarely have cash, so this will be the most challenging part for me. I think it will help to hold us that much more accountable!

Here's the rules:

What that covers:
  • Food (Groceries and Eating Out)
  • Gas
  • Supplies (health&beauty/house/school etc.)
  • Clothes
  • Entertainment
  • Any splurges
What it doesn't cover:
  • Rent
  • Utilities
  • Loan payments
  • Savings
  • Tithe and gifts
  • Basically any fixed bill that occurs ever month
We did this back in November and it was definitely a challenge, but fun.
Are you up for the challenge???


Brooke said...

i'll have to sit down and see if we can join in :)

Rochelle said...

Me too. I've been following that blog for a while and think about trying a no spend month. I know I could do it- but getting my husband on board might not be easy!

Serendipity said...

Oh my goodness. Good luck, it certainly sounds like a challange but a fun one!