Tuesday, June 2, 2009

June 1st Spending

Total spent...$0!!! Yay!!!

What a great way to start off the month. I am hoping that this is a good sign of what is to come for the month, but we will see. I created June's budget last night, and was getting super frustrated because no matter what I did we were like $700 in the red. I finally was at the point where I figured somehow we miscalculated, and wouldn't be able to pay off hubby's school loan. It really bummed me out, and I decided I would take one last look at the budget starting at the top. As I did, it hit me. We already paid most of our rent last month for the hot water heater and only had to pay $125! When I made the change our budget came out perfect (well, with $0.15 leftover)! Sweet! Now we just have to stick too it!

On another positive note, I have the most awesome, loving, caring hubby ever! (I know most of you gals think the same, but seriously, mine rocks!) As he was leaving this morning he said he left a little surprise for me. I was super excited, but part of me though it was probably just a check since he got paid yesterday. Wait, let me backtrack a minute. Since he's been giving me all of his paychecks, his account has been dwindling. He's no where close to running out, with over $2000 still in his account, but he likes to have a bigger cushion. He told me he was thinking about keeping a hundred or so to help rebuild his account up. So flash forward to this morning. I find a little card on the bathroom door with a little note and his paycheck. I'm like, "How sweet, and he decided to give me the whole check." As I read the note he talks about how lucky he is to have me to inspire and push him to be out of debt. So much so that he gave me an extra $900 to put down! So it looks like when I get paid on Friday I can pay off the remaining balance and he will be debt free!!! How awesome!!!


Lisa said...

That is very sweet of your husband! I wish I started out the month not spending, it was only $8.00 but still that's money spent! Good luck this month.

Live Simply- Live Well said...

Nice. It feels so great to be out of debt! gret job on being so focused!

Moving on up! said...

Your lucky to have such a nice husband!

Serendipity said...

How amazing! I'm so proud of you guys, you inspire me with your positive attitude to just keep chugging along. :)