Thursday, June 11, 2009

Decluttering - Day 9

I had a massive amount of old textbooks at my parent's house that I relocated to my car a few months ago. Yes, I have been driving around with about 10 old books in my about bad gas mileage! I tried to sell them to a company that buys old/no value books, but I guess my books were too old even for them, it's not like they are from my freshman year or anything... :-)
I ended up just donating them to the company, because I can't can do anything with them, so at least they are no longer weighing me down, and costing me gas money!

Sorry for the lack of pictures, I got rid of them before I thought about it. Oops!

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Rochelle said...

I have a large stack of books in my garage from college that are over - well they are really old. It's a shame all the money spent on them. I used them while I was at my research job for reference, but now they are just sitting there. I don't even think Goodwill would want them! Maybe the high school bio dept. could use them.