Saturday, May 16, 2009

May 15th Spending

Total spent...$35 on gas for the hubs.

Yay for the weekend!!! I love that work is starting to wind down and approach our summer schedule. It's an unsaid rule that Fridays over the summer are chill and extremely laid back. The wife of one of the guys came in with there 7 week old daughter and took up a good chunk of the afternoon. Little babies are uber cute!!!

Hubby had an event at school last night, we had to be there at 7, and since it included an ice cream party we skipped dinner. I forget to mention that it must have been free Friday at work also, because we had reps bring in Philly soft pretzels (if you've ever been to Philly you know how yummy they are!) and bagels. A lot of the warehouse workers decided not to show, and let us office folk with an abundance of carbs. I brought some home to hubby, which made up the consisstantes of our dinner.

I was able to get a quick 2.5 mile run in before we left, and yet again ended up walk part of it. I would love to live in like Florida or the midwest where it's flat. These stupid foothills are killing me! The humidity isn't a big help either. Excuses, excuses, I know.

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