Tuesday, April 21, 2009

April 20th Spending

Total spent..$5.97 on candy for hubby's class. He is expecting money from some of them for fines, so hopefully that should cover the cost.

Yesterday was stormy and gross all day, and we even lost power for a little at work. Of course I was in the one room at the time that doesn't have any windows, and the emergency light didn't work. Oh well. Hubby and I made a quick trip to the library to return the movie he had shown to his class and two of my books. I checked out 3 more books, 2 from my series and 1 from my list of top reads by the age of 30. Since I'll be out of the office all next week, and if it's like the past 3 times I'm out, it gets really slow and I have a ton of down time. It'll be nice to get paid to read, but all the work will be piling up on my desk. :-(

Hubby and I are going to the gym after work and I'm hoping to lift my legs and a little cardio. If I do it right though, I might be able to run after I'm finished lifting them.

Since it's national turn your TV off week, I am not watching Biggest Loser tonight. I feel like it's starting to get old anyways, I'm ready for the season finale and the final weight in. I love seeing the end results of everyone!


Brooke said...

national turn off your tv week? what crazy person invented that?? they could have at least waited till after the season finales ;)

Simplelivin' said...

Seriously! Since Lost is the only show I really care about, and it's not on this week, I figure I might as well participant. It's probably because of Earth day.

Anonymous said...

No tv??? for a whole week??? I don't know what I would do!!